10 top tips for engaging webinars

By Jackie Black on December 19th, 2017

How to deliver engaging webinars: 10 top tips

Running webinars can be exhausting. You need to keep your audience with you 100% of the time. I recently did one for an audience of  Brazilian academics who wanted to improve their presentation skills. I knew I had to deliver an engaging webinar with frequent opportunities for audience participation throughout the hour-long session, so I had to make the content as relevant and interesting as possible.

I also had to keep them physically involved at the same time. That’s the real challenge! If you truly want to engage your audience you must allow them to interact with you. This means using all the online tools available on whichever platform you choose to use.  To do this you need a degree of dexterity and familiarity with the technology. The first couple of times I did it I felt completely out of my comfort zone. But once it was over, I was rather pleased with myself.

I was lucky to have a host to make the introductions, manage the polls and deal with any technology issues, which makes the whole process much easier. I doubt things would have gone so smoothly had I been left to  run things entirely by myself!

Here is a list of my personal top tips, based on my experience so far. I hope you find it useful:

  1. open with an interactive Icebreaker – let people introduce themselves or discuss topics while they are waiting for latecomers to join. This will warm the audience up and make it easier for latecomers to join without causing too much disturbance.
  2. incorporate an activity after every three or four slides
  3. employ a variety of different tools: create a topic-based questionnaire and ask the audience to vote via a poll.
  4. insert a blank slide and encourage the audience to write something. Explain how to do this using the writing tool icon at the top of the screen.
  5. give the microphone to a member of the audience and ask them to do a task. Check names ahead of the session and select your victim beforehand.
  6. invite your audience to use the chat facility but keep an eye on the threads so you can respond to questions or comments as they come up.
  7. keep the pace upbeat and energetic by adding anecdotes. And, if appropriate, humour.
  8. find visuals which are memorable and keep text to a minimum
  9. avoid reading directly from your slides. The risk is you sound boring after a while.
  10. maintain eye contact the whole time. Keep looking directly at the camera and smile.

Plan your webinar content with these tips in mind and I’m sure your audience will really appreciate it. Having the chance to participate rather than listen to a monologue is so much better.

I’d love to hear what you think of my tips, so please feel free comment. Or share them via social media.

Finally, I offer courses on delivering engaging webinars. So, if you feel you need to improve your performance, follow the link and book today:


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