I’d like to begin by saying that this new website is not only here to promote my training courses. I want it to be a place where people can find useful resources, ask my advice and hopefully, share their own experiences of working virtually. This is still a relatively new way of working but a great deal has already been written about it and the more we learn, the better we’ll become at managing it.

Jackie Black, director and founder of Digital Business Communication.

A few words about what I do.

I’m an experienced business trainer with a background in communication, interpersonal and intercultural skills. Over the years, I’ve worked extensively with global organisations in Europe but also further afield in Africa, delivering language and communication workshops for trade unions, government ministries, financial and academic institutions.

But with the increasing need for people to be able to work effectively across different time zones and cultures, communication training has changed significantly. Many of the clients I currently work with are members of virtual teams and from them I’ve gained valuable insights into the challenges they regularly face and how they deal with them.

I‘ve used this knowledge to design bespoke training courses  to help project teams adapt to this very different business environment and establish best practices to ensure a strong team identity, clear communication and well-defined processes resulting in improved performance.

Working in this new virtual world, I’ve learnt a great deal myself along the way and can empathise with those who find the technology daunting. I regularly take part in webinars, online presentations and video conferences myself, so I have real-life experience of working effectively and communicating clearly in these virtual settings.

On the whole I’ve found people are left to work out the technology for themselves which is far from ideal, so I also run courses for those who want to feel more confident using platforms like Skype for Business, or who need tips on engaging on-line audiences.

So, why do I do it?

I‘ve always loved training because I get to meet such a diverse range of people. In my time I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wealth of interesting people from different walks of life and in varied roles: from CEO’s of international organisations, to scientists developing new products, from engineers and geologists working in the Norwegian oil fields, to I.T experts. They’ve all taught me something valuable too, whether it be professional, personal or something cultural.

I’m also a keen advocate of good, clear communication. I believe it’s key to the success of all businesses; large or small, local or global and I get great satisfaction from seeing how the participants in my courses embrace the challenges of virtual communication. Just understanding how their own communication style can impact on others and what they need to do to be more aligned with the team, can make a significant difference to their relationship with others.

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