Becoming digitally fluent

We may text, email and use social media in our private lives. But it’s a different matter when it comes to business. The range of technologies transforming workplace collaboration can also seem daunting.

In this hands-on workshop, you will look at how different platforms work. We can even discuss which option will best suit your needs, if you have not yet chosen a platform. You can try out different virtual tools and discover how they can make your working life easier.

What you will learn

In our sessions you’ll find out how to:

• Use video-conferencing platforms like WEBEX, Adobe Connect and Zoom more confidently
• Collaborate more efficiently with your team through online chatrooms such as SLACK
• Convert face to face presentation content into virtual and deliver it competently
• Choose the right technology for the task – be that email or a phone call
• Understand how culture can impact on the way we use technology
• Anticipate and overcome technical issues

Return on investment

• Test-driving possible platforms avoids the administration of signing up for free trials
• Avoids investing in communication technology, software or systems which aren’t right for your team
• Reduces calls to IT support
• Using the right technology for the task will lead to speedier communication

Course length

15 hours

Can the course be customised?

Yes, all courses can be customised for in-house delivery. I will undertake an in-depth needs analysis to create training content which fits your needs.

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