Leading virtual teams

Leading a virtual team is very different to one which is co-located (in the same location). For a start you need to choose team members who are capable of working in a virtual environment and are competent in using the technology. You need to develop different attitudes, skills and competences to get the best results from those working with you.

This course is for those just beginning their management career or more experienced managers who are new to the virtual working environment. The training is a blend practical team tasks with professional input; you will have the chance to share your experiences with others and get valuable feedback on your performance.

You will also be encouraged to draw up and implement your personal team charter for effective future collaboration.

On completing this course you will be able to:

  • Manage the necessary systems and processes to support effective virtual teamwork
  • Encourage team members to collaborate, communicate, cooperate and coordinate successfully
  • Manage operations effectively and efficiently across time zones
  • Share work with others using appropriate virtual tools and systems
  • Keep your team engaged and maintain a clear sense of team identity.
  • Create your own best practices for team communication
  • Manage the obstacles to effective communication in the virtual environment.

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