Leading virtual teams

Compared to managing a team in one location, leading a virtual team can be challenging. Developing new skills and attitudes is vital for managers. Both at the start of their careers and senior leaders new to the virtual working.

This course blends practical team tasks with professional input. I’ll ask you you and your team to share your experiences. You’ll get valuable, constructive feedback on your performance. Then, as a team, we will draw up a team charter to use for effective future collaboration.

A fresh pair of eyes

I facilitate all sessions to ensure they’re as constructive as possible. As a neutral third party, I can also identify any gaps and make suggestions drawn from my 20+ years of experience.

What you will learn

You will discover how to:

• manage systems and processes to support effective virtual teamwork
• encourage team members to collaborate, communicate, cooperate and coordinate successfully
• manage operations effectively and efficiently across time zones
• share work with others using virtual tools and systems
• keep your team engaged and maintain a clear sense of team identity
• create your own best practices for team communication
• manage the obstacles to effective communication in the virtual environment

Return on investment

• Happier teams are more productive teams
• Less time communicating creates more time for working
• Reduces HR involvement and staff turnover

Course length

30 hours

Can the course be customised?

Yes, I can customise all courses for in-house delivery. I will undertake an in-depth needs analysis. This means the training content will perfectly match your needs.

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