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What my clients say

Jackie quickly grasped my individual style

“I am absolutely impressed with Jackie’s ability to quickly grasp my individual style and realise that I was open to very direct feedback which she delivered in a professional manner. Well done!”

– attendee of The International Profiler and debrief session

Jackie pitched at the right level

“Very interactive, well delivered pitched at the right level and given skills to improve.”

– attendee of Presenting with Confidence group course, Birmingham

Like a professional English tailor

“Jackie is a professional English tailor! She will sew and fit the program for you and for your individual needs. She will struggle with you with every single word and you can be sure that she will find the solution…

She is like a mum who will never leave the child without support. You can trust her, you can rely on her, you will receive only the best from her!”

– Malgorzata Siecklucka, Poland

Valuable insights

“It was an absolute pleasure to meet you! I cannot even begin to describe how useful I found yesterday’s exercise. It gave me some really valuable insights.”

– Ingela, Manchester

Applicable to work and day to day life

“Thank you for all the recommendation and help during our lesson. I still use all of them at work and in my day to day life.”

– Adeline, York

Jackie exceeds expectations

“Our new business venture that required some instructional guidelines. Jackie was quick to produce the work, to budget, within time with additional content ideas, exceeding expectations.”

– Sarah Paton, Academy Class

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