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By Jackie Black on October 16th, 2017


Amazing morning with Jackie Black and Will Jenkyns at Make it York’s ‘Act with Impact’ workshop…
Daniel Knight, Sales Executive, York Conferences Ltd

Made In York Masterclass: Act with Impact

In September I partnered up with Will Jenkyns from Voices Ltd, to run a masterclass for  small businesses in York on the topic of networking. Many of those new to networking find it incredibly difficult to walk into a room full of strangers and introduce themselves with confidence. In fact, most people admit it can be a challenge to leave a lasting positive impression on those they meet. So, Will and I decided to explore what makes a good first impression; from body language to active listening and the cultural impact of our communication.

It was interesting to note from the subsequent feedback that many of the workshop participants valued this opportunity to re-visit the basics of handshaking etc. but also found the content on culture  and virtual introductions very useful too. If you are a small business owner about to embark on your first foray into international trade, it’s good to know something about the cultural differences in the way people communicate. Without wishing to stereotype, some cultures prefer not to dwell on small talk, but to get straight down to business (German for example), whereas others appreciate the time taken to build the relationship beforehand (Italy for example).

If you didn’t make it to the session and want to learn more on how to improve your networking skills, down the slide deck here. Better still contact me directly and I’ll happily run through the workshop with you.


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