By Jon Dyson on November 22nd, 2015

Not a lot of text in this blog. Just a series of questions. Really important questions if you are managing a virtual team. Take a few minutes to ask yourself…

  1. Are all your team members fully engaged and motivated by a clear purpose and defined goals?
  2. Is there a strong foundation of trust, respect, and collaboration among team members, even if they have few or no opportunities to work together face-to-face?
  3. Are the diverse talents, knowledge, and expertise of team members being leveraged to achieve the best possible outcomes?
  4. Are you coaching and giving feedback to all team members, even though they are not working at your location?
  5. Do team members know their achievements and successes are appreciated and recognised by the organisation as a whole? How do they know this?
  6. Does each team member know what is expected of them?
  7. Are roles and responsibilities for each project clearly defined, communicated, and understood?

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