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By Jackie on November 14th, 2018

White Paper: Customer Service Simulation



A global food and drink company with a sales department in York, were looking for a tool to enhance the capabilities of new customer service employees more quickly.  Currently, new starters have to learn on the job after a brief induction, leading to inefficiencies and sub-optimal customer experience.  They had a relatively high staff turnover and therefore training was an on-going process which needs to be as efficient as possible. The main area of concern was finding out how trainees operated in front of the customer, taking into account the options available to them when handling queries and the importance of reaction time in regard to customer experience.



We asked the client to map out a possible scenario and path to success as a starting point.  We then worked that up into a solution flow diagram that clearly showed all the options a trainee could take through the systems including the typical ‘wrong’ or sub-optimal paths.  It’s very important that the trainee had realistic options available to them, including the opportunity to get it very wrong!


We created a illustrated version of an office environment with features that were familiar to the trainee, including the type of telephone used and versions of the online tools they were used to using.  We added voice over of a customer and allowed the trainee to interact with them via response boxes.  The responses guided the simulation and included some red herrings and other cues that could throw the trainee off track.  The aim was to make the experience feel as close to the trainees everyday experience.


As a pilot, we created an order query scenario with multiple options for finding the required information and dealing with the customer promptly.


On completion of the task, the trainee was encouraged to evaluate their own performance before being presented with the system verdict. This reflected the time taken to complete the simulation as well as how effective their choices were in dealing with the query.



The client was extremely happy with the look and feel of the simulation and the potential scope of the tool. They appreciated the way the simulation tested the trainee and the fact that it could, when hosted on a LMS system, allow managers to monitor individual performance/progress. It also had the potential to be used in a coaching environment to further develop the skills of the trainee.


Negotiations are currently on-going with regards licensing.

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