Why you should invest in a good quality headset

By Jackie Black on November 23rd, 2017

When I first started training online, a few years ago, I bought an average-priced headset. I paid very little attention to the sophisticated range of features available, opting for something lightweight, easy to use and value for money.  I wasn’t convinced at this point that I would enjoy training online, so I didn’t feel like making a major investment in a good quality headset.

It was only once I started working with clients from a technology company on a regular basis that I realised my mistake. They all had wireless headsets with high quality microphones and speakers and often complained of noise distortion on my side. Apart from that, I just didn’t look the part – no right-minded professional trainer would dream of attempting to give online training on business communication with such a second-rate piece of equipment! Luckily I then met Julie Watling, owner of Communications Solutions UK, who recommended that I invest in a Jabra wireless headset which was pretty expensive in comparison to what I already had, but the difference was amazing. Not only did I look and feel more professional, the wireless function allowed me greater freedom of movement and, of course the sound quality was far superior.

I now regularly get asked to run webinars for international audiences as well as one-to-one communication training so I am very glad I have a headset which I can rely on to provide clear, crisp sound but which also lets me present from a standing or seated position. I have no trouble hearing what people are saying because the background noise is almost completely blocked out and I feel confident that I am delivering a professional service.

If you are just starting out as an online trainer, I would strongly advise you to buy the best quality headset  you can afford. It really is worth it!

Follow the link to find out what Julie and her team at CSUK have to offer in terms of advice and competitively-priced products


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