How to succeed with a remote team – my book, ‘Working Virtually’

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My book – available to buy online

Working Virtually

Working Virtually provides a solution-oriented approach to the challenges of remote work. It aims to develop business language skills whilst strengthening virtual networking and intercultural communication competence.

Co-written with John Dyson, we produced this book as a part of the International Management series developed by York Associates – an organization with over 30 years of communication and language training experience.

Tackling real-world professional communication challenges

All components of working in a virtual environment are considered within this book. It offers comprehensive training in areas such as:

  • Virtual team-building and leadership
  • Inclusivity, cultural conflict and managing intercultural relations
  • Collaborating and working through technology
  • Register, tone and communication styles in digital communication

A powerful resource for learners and trainers

Working Virtually provides meaningful and structured communication exercises, with the option to use a learning diary to set goals and follow targets. It includes an audio CD, a needs analysis, facilitator tips, full answer keys, audio transcripts and glossaries of key terms to support learning.

The exercises within this book encompass both productive (speaking and writing) and receptive (listening and reading) skills.

Working virtually is available to purchase here.


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